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Tappy Turdz

This is the game to rule all others in the Tappy nation!Follow Tappy on the adventure of a lifetime with his very own custom theme song, guide him through the pipes to avoid being squashed and get the highest score you can!One of the greatest Mobile apps you will want on your phone!Feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy the latest from ZomDad StudioZ!




This is the Tappy game to rule all tappy games. A unique twist on the Flappy Bird empire is our very own Tappy Turdz, a hilarious insight into the wild life of a poop making its way into the dankest sewers. 


Follow Tappy the Turd deep into the smelliest places on earth and make sure he survives by dodging pipes and jamming along to his own custom theme song. The controls are simple - just tap, tap, tap away and improve your pipe-dodging abilities. It’s easy to play but super addictive, ideal for toilet time and on the bus...not at the same time, though!


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The currently titled #ProjectToofy is a game that will teach the players about the repercussions of neglecting oral hygiene as well as following Toofy on a hilarious and wacky adventure as you combat the bad teeth, try to collect all the hidden food in the mouth, mine the calculus off the map, as well as coming across many characters that will provide you incredible information! Be sure to stop and talk to any of the Wise Teeth you may come across on your adventures! 

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Most recent video of game can be seen here.