The long, boring side of the story you probably don't want to hear, about how I got here. I am far more exciting then I am letting on!

About ZomDad StudioZ        and the Founder

ZomDad StudioZ is founded on a simple philosophy: you should always try to find a way to do the things you love. I’m a zombification of half full-time Dad and half full-time game developer dedicated to using the skills I’ve picked up over the years to bring my weirdest ideas to life. 

I’ve had jobs in offices, hands-on jobs fixing broken things, and first worked in Universal Studios Orlando running carnival games outside the Amityville. In a way, games and entertainment have also been in my heart, added to by later fun in Toys R Us and even working for Disney.

Once my daughter was born I knew I had to find a way to spend more time with her. That meant finding a way to spend more time at home, plugging away at a project, tweaking things here and there... although I’ve done a bit of mechanics in my time, I knew it wasn’t going to be a car or spaceship. I needed something else to work on.

From adventures in Toys R Us to learning how to plumb an entire kitchen or even keep a house cold in the summer, this game developer has covered a wide range of careers and life-paths before finally landing right here, at ZomDad StudioZ. Along with the games, there’s a whole mix of music editing, analytics and a love of improvement which comes to life in a ZomDad game.

Our first game, Tappy Turdz, is a work-in-progress transformation of a silly idea into an addictive game you can play while on the toilet. Based on the ever-popular ‘Flappy Bird’ thematic, we evolved that dumb chirping bird into a hilarious flying poo which you operate with a simple tap of your finger.

Just like that soaring turd tackling tricky obstacles and dodging sewage matter, life always presents you with challenges here and there, and just like Tappy Turd, the best thing to do is to keep going, keep tapping, and you’ll get there in the end.


Recently I have become apart of a podcast, and we are looking to grow it to great heights! I would hope you would like to tune in every Wednesday morning!