About ZomDad StudioZ

ZomDad StudioZ is founded on a simple philosophy: you should always try to find a way to do the things you love. I’m a zombification of half full-time father and half full-time game developer dedicated to using the skills I’ve picked up over the years to bring my weirdest ideas to life.


What is #ProjectToofy? Currently it is my next project that I plan to bring to life! Currently I will be touting this game towards PC for platforms such as Steam. Anything is possible and I will strive to make this a success to port to multiple and with localization!  Most importantly though, this game will be full of FUN! You will be taken on a hilarious journey with Toofy as you learn about our very own oral cavities! You will need to battle the bad teeth, rid the mouth of the "Sugar Gang" (Name subject to change) collect pieces of food along your journey to stop the spread of bacteria, as well as scale any calculus you may come across! Toofy must save the mouth from its ultimate arch enemy, the Squamous Cell Carcinoma! The evil cell's shall not prevail with Toofy stepping up to the palate! 



Welcome to ZomDad StudioZ, a world of wonderful weirdness brought to life by a budding game developer. Our first and only game to date is the spectacular Tappy Turdz, an addictive game suitable for a longer-than-necessary visit to the white throne room.


It’s available on Android and Amazon. Tap the turd and watch him soar, dodging icky pipes and sewage debris to see how far the turd can sail. There are hours of fun to be had as you tune your tapping skills and improve your pipe-dodging techniques.


Plus, you’ll be supporting the work of a brand new game developer just getting his teeth stuck into the fascinating world of game building. With plenty more to come - and a whole imagination waiting to be rendered in video game form - expect more big news from ZomDad in the future!

Tappy Reviews!


"I like the new graphics. Controls are comfortable. This will keep me busy when sitting on my great white throne :)"

Robert L.

"This game is so realistic that my finger stank after playing it."

robert N.

"Totally addictive. Simple controls, yet difficult to Master the flying turd."

WAW 2021

"Great Game - A fun pastime and I love to compete with my friends!"

brian L.

"Pretty sweet game, love the corn kernels, maybe throw some mushrooms in there, or a piece of crappy lettuce as his cape. Great game!!! "

Sophia's Minion

"It is glorious, and hard... not the turd, the turd is soft and squishy. The game is hard."

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